In An Emergency:

Water Emergencies: Call MWSD at (650) 728-3545
Sewer Emergencies: Call SAM at (650) 726-0124
Dial 911 for life-threatening and safety


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors manages the affairs of the District. Through their bi-monthly meetings they set policy, enact appropriate resolutions or ordinances, approve all payments to vendors, review and approve the budget, set Sewer Service Charge rates, establish connection charges, hire staff, approve contracts and other necessary actions needed to carry out the business of the District. All formal actions must be taken in public and listed on an agenda which is published in advance of the meeting.

There are five Board members, all of whom are elected at large, and must reside in the Montara or Moss Beach area. The current Board is as follows:

Who is on the Board of Directors?
Dwight Wilson — PresidentTerm 2013-2018
Scott Boyd — PresidentTerm 2011-2016
Kathryn Slater-Carter — SecretaryTerm 2011-2016
Bill Huber — TreasurerTerm 2013-2018
Jim Harvey — DirectorTerm 2013-2018

All Board members may be reached by sending an email to

Or writing the District office at: Montara Water and Sanitary District, P.O. Box 370131, Montara, CA 94037. Telephone: (650)728-3545; FAX (650)728-8556.

General Manager

Clemens Heldmaier   (650)728-3545  email