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In An Emergency:

Water Emergencies: Call MWSD at (650) 728-3545
Sewer Emergencies: Call SAM at (650) 726-0124
Dial 911 for life-threatening and safety


How We Protect the Environment

The residents and business owners of the Montara coastal area live here because of the beauty, serenity and sustainable lifestyle.  For these reasons, the directors and staff of the Montara Water and Sanitary District value and respect the environment we enjoy:

  • By making sure that our water supply is safe and secure but without risking sustainability;
  • By properly maintaining our sewage system so that it does not endanger our  watershed, properties and adjacent coast and ocean;
  • An by placing a high priority on recycling and ecology through our partnership with Recology of the Coast, we strive to protect our environment for our generation and future generations.