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In An Emergency:

Water Emergencies: Call MWSD at (650) 728-3545
Sewer Emergencies: Call SAM at (650) 726-0124
Dial 911 for life-threatening and safety

Rates and Finance


The annual operating and capital budgets are developed beginning in April for the coming fiscal year which extends from July 1 to June 30 of the following year. The Board has a Finance Committee consisting of two Board members that meet in a noticed special meeting to review the draft budget and approve for presentation to the full Board. In addition, the full Board reviews a draft version at a regular scheduled meeting and also approves the final budget. The Water Rates and Sewer Service Charges are based on the adopted budget.

Capital Improvement Plan Presentation - Capital Improvement Plan and Water Capacity Charge Meeting at Seton Coastside APRIL 21, 2011