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Sewer Emergencies: Call SAM at (650) 726-0124
Dial 911 for life-threatening and safety

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Documents & Links

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Planning Documents

Facilities Master Plan

About the Water System Master Plan and the availability of connections to MWSD’s water system.

Background — In 2003 MWSD acquired the privately-owned water system serving the Montara-Moss Beach area in the County of San Mateo.

In the 1980s, the company that owned the system was ordered by the California Public Utilities Commission to establish a moratorium upon new water connections to the system due to its substandard condition and lack of water resources. Upon purchasing the system with funds from a bond issue approved by over 80% of the voters within MWSD’s territory, the system came under MWSD’s local regulatory and operational control, but the moratorium was necessarily continued by MWSD due to the condition of the system.

MWSD has made substantial infrastructure improvements, implemented operational efficiencies and initiated conservation measures, all of which have contributed to the increased availability of water as documented in the Water System Master Plan recently updated and approved by MWSD’s governing Board. Accordingly, the Board has repealed the moratorium. Consequently, the availability of water is now directly related to data and projections included in the Master Plan.

MWSD’S Role — MWSD is a special district that provides water and sewerage service. It does not issue building permits or control development. Except for water service that may be provided to property that has already been developed and is served by on-site wells, new connections may only be made for property approved for development by the County of San Mateo, subject to the County’s building, planning and zoning regulations and the County’s Local Coastal Program

Strategic Plan

Public Works Plan

Approved by the Coastal Commission December 2013. The plan includes 1.1 million gallons of new water storage, the Alta Vista well, and a new water treatment facility.

Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP)

The Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP) has been prepared in compliance with requirements of the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) pursuant to Section 13267 of the California Water Code, and the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) Order No. 2006-0003-DWQ.

  • Sewer System Management Plan:
    • Element I: Goals
    • Element II: Organization
    • Element III: Overflow Emergency Response Plan
    • Element IV: Fats, Oils and Grease Control Program
    • Element V: Legal Authority
    • Element VI: Measures and Activities
    • Element VII: Design and Construction
    • Element VIII: Capacity Management
    • Element IX: Monitoring, Measurement, and Program Modifications
    • Element X: SSMP Audits
    • Element XI: Communication Plan
  • SSMP Attachments 1-8:
    • Attachment 1: SAM JPA
    • Attachment 2: SAM Member Agency Maintenance Agreement
    • Attachment 3: Overflow Emergency Response Plan (OERP) Handbok
    • Attachment 4: Sanitary Sewer Overflow and Backup Response Plan Overview
    • Attachment 5: Pump Station Flow Statistics, Pump Station Network, Sewer Drainage Zones, Pump Station Vicinity Map, Pump Station Operating Procedures Workbook
    • Attachment 6: Pump Station Site Specific Emergency Response Plans
    • Attachment 7: State of CA SSO Public Report, 2007-2014 - CIWQS
    • Attachment 8: MWSD SSO Graphs Over Last 7 Years
  • SSMP Appendices A-F:
    • Appendix A: MWSD Sanitary Sewer Facility Maps
    • Appendix B: SAM Sewer System Key Map (For Reference Only)
    • Appendix C: State SSMP Requirements-2005, 2006
    • Appendix D: State SSO Reduction Program and Summary Report-2013
    • Appendix E: State WDR Requirements-2013
    • Appendix F: State ASBS Drainage and Discharge Requirements-2012, GIS Map of Fitzgerald Drainage Basin


Water Quality Reports

We are pleased to report continued compliance of your local water with all federal and state drinking water regulations. Every year our certified water quality staff or outside state-certified labs conduct about 1,200 analyses to ensure your water is safe.

To learn more about the quality of the water click on the links below

More About How We Continue Improving Water Quality

Since the community acquired the water system in 2003, we have made significant improvements, which have resulted in water quality improvements in turbidity, iron, nitrates,and color. To ensure future water quality and system reliability, the District is actively implementing a comprehensive program of system improvements, including the design andconstruction of additional storage facilities and a centralized water treatment facility. The District is committed to the responsible management oflocal water resources, and has designed these projects to maximum system reliability while minimizing costs and environmental impacts.

Clean Water Act

The link below provides interesting information about the Federal Clean Water Act. The Clean Water Act prevents direct discharges of pollutants into the waters of the United States through a program known as the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System ("NPDES"). The NPDES program has very strict requirements, but it only applies to certain types of water pollution. The program regulates only "point sources" of pollution, which means that pollutants must be carried to the water body by an individual and direct conveyance, such as a pipe or storm drain -- such as from a wastewater treatment plant.

Solid Waste

No documents found under this category

Standard Specifications

Legal, Regulatory and Permits

Water & Sanitary Code Updated February 2017

The Water and Sanitary Code contains Ordinances (laws) passed by the Board of Directors and enforced by the District.

Sanitary Sewer Overflows

Click on the link below to see a record of Sanitary Sewer Overflows. This is tracked by Sewer Authority Mid-Coastside, the regional sewage treatment plant services and sewer system maintenance provider.

Public Records Request

The California Public Records Act is legislation that ensures public records maintained by Governmental bodies are available for public access without hindrance or restriction.

Municipal Service Review

A Municipal Service Review (MSR) is a comprehensive study to determine the adequacy of governmental services being provided by the local agencies under Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) jurisdiction. A link to the latest MSR is found below.

SB 272 Enterprise System Catalog Statement

Regulatory Approval and Permit Information Links

Building a house, remodeling,, adding a room? Here are some links to local agencies for information, regulatory approval and permits:




Policy on Acquiring Personal Services

Policy on Reserves

Financial Transactions Report

The District is required to submit a financial transaction report to State Controller within 7 months after the close of the fiscal year. The report provides a variety of financial information: balance sheet, debt, fund balances, revenue, etc. The form can be accessed at the link below.

Pension Investment Portfolios

The links below are prospectuses for the finance portfolio the District chose for its defined benefit retirement plan. The chosen Plan is Highmark's Capital Appreciation Investment Plan and is administered by Public Agency Retirement System (PARS).